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Hopefully we can address them with our FAQs below

Origins Market currently trades for 4 days Thursday to Sunday.  8.30am to 6pm Thursday and Sunday.  8.30am to 9pm Friday and Saturday.

Each precinct has slightly different opening hours.  For example the Eateries and Urban Cellar Door (due to licensing) open at 10am.  It will depend on the precinct you’re in and your lease but it is expected that all stalls, whether they are managed by the business owner or by staff are open and trading for the full four days of trade.

Yes.  On a Friday and Saturday you should be open until 9pm.

Your monthly rent depends on the amount of floor space you require and your level of commitment.  Daily rates start from $10 per square metre per day.

Vendors are responsible for the cost of fit out but the market will assist you to establish your stall and keep costs to a minimum.

At the back of the market there is a loading area where you can take deliveries.

There are several cool rooms located in storage areas behind the scenes.  Depending on your requirements and your location in the market you’ll get access and pay only for the space you use.

Yes.  However we believe we are stronger together meaning we both have a responsibility for marketing.  Each stall holder gets a listing on our website, is added to the rotation of social media posts, has the opportunity to be involved in campaigns, gets assistance with activating their stall and can take advantage of our relationships with tourism associations and major regional events.

The market has a dedicated Digital Marketing Manager and Events Manager to help you increase awareness of your brand and gain support in creating events and activations.

Feel free to bring your ideas to us and we’ll see what can be developed!

Origins Market is an incubator of small and micro business and as such we love to help you reach the next level in business and make your dreams of having a store front a reality.  This means committing to signing a lease in order for us to give you the support you need.

Occasionally, the market has a pop up space but these are for farmers or growers with seasonal produce that needs to be sold quickly.

Talk to us about your requirements.

Generally Friday day, Saturday day and evening and Sunday morning.  Thursday could be a bumper day,  particularly when vendors are active on socials and promoting offers and demonstrations.

The market is located in the Power Centre, next to Kmart just outside the CBD of Busselton, Western Australia.  The address is 86 West Street, Busselton, WA, 6280

Not at all!  The market offers something for everyone, both locals and tourists alike.  It is a community hub to hang out with friends, learn something new at a workshop or come for a relaxed family friendly dinner.  Origins Market is a farmers market with produce, small goods, butcher plus general shopping precinct. It’s also a fabulous place for tourists to come and experience the best of the west, do some wine tasting and buy some beautiful gifts.

Stall holders pay only for what they use in terms of storage, electricity, gas, ice and floor space.

Depending on how your business works, you may not require storage.  For example whether you restock weekly or less frequently will make a difference to your storage requirements.

Origins Market provides all of the following at no extra cost to you:

A team of cleaners, communal seating and tables, rubbish collection and recycling, plants, an indoor playground, accessible toilets and parenting room.

It’s a much cheaper set up than a traditional store front.

You can find all the businesses currently in the market at the Meet the Maker page on our main site.

Opening for more days in the holidays has been trialled often but with varying levels of success.  The market is a supporter of small makers, growers and producers who need time for making.  The businesses we support are often family run and staffed by the owners themselves making it difficult to work for 6 or 7 days in a row.  This is something we will address again in the future but for 2023 we’re sticking to 4 days of trade.

As an incubator for small business, we celebrate vendors leaving the market because it means we did our job.  They have had such success that they can go it alone!

In some cases, stall holders have left because of the tough first year we had during the pandemic.

It’s also a good thing to have an ever evolving and changing offering to keep the market fresh, provide novelty to repeat visitors and is how markets have traditionally worked across the world.

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